• Holistic workplace safety in a post-COVID world

  • What is CoronaFigther?

    Enterprise level solution to safely manage access access to your business premises

    Employee Health Monitoring

    Putting people first

    Be sure that any employees displaying COVID-19 symptoms stay at home and receive required testing, care and support. Collect information daily from employees through a chatbot that asks relevant pre-screening questions. Employees engage from the comfort and safety of their phone.

    Access Management System

    No paper. No contact. No lines.

    Keep the virus outside of business premises by strictly and efficiently managing access to premises by employees and visitors. Only employees who pass pre-screening questions are provided with a QR access code. Security can rapidly scan QR code at entrance to grant access while also taking temperature.

    Case Management

    Track and resolve

    A user-friendly system for the management of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients and their contacts. Enterprise-level access controls provide differing levels of access to employee data. Track cases and collect additional information from employees, as required.